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Lift a Heart

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It is day number one.

We peeked at the card before we went to bed so that we could start looking for a heart that needed lifting right when the day began.

It didn't take long to find one.

Her husband is a familiar figure in our neighborhood.  A friendly sort, the kind that appreciates you every time he runs into you.  He is most known for the testimony he bears without fail at every opportunity he is given.

Today was our fast and testimony meeting at church.

But he wasn't the first one to the microphone.

His wife was.

With tear filled eyes she explained that her husband couldn't make it to bear his testimony, he was in the ICU.  Just before she left his bedside she told him she would bear her testimony for him.

Her words were tender.  She spoke of the burden their family was bearing and you could see straight through her tears to a heart that needed lifting.

After church we gathered as a family to decide what we could do for this sweet couple.

Meg wrote a card.

We cut out a banner.

Steven, Ian, Madi, Meg, Grace, Steph, Greg and I each designed a cut out letter.

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We wanted him to know his testimony had been missed today.

We wanted her to know that we were adding our prayers to hers.

It's interesting, this 24 days of giving.

It is only day one and we set off to lift two hearts but at days end 10 hearts were lifted.

We meant to lift theirs.

The serving lifted ours.

• • • • •

I had a thought today.  There are so many of us celebrating this 24 days of giving.  It made me wish we could somehow gather all of the experiences.  Then I realized we could.  Write your stories in the comment section.  Really.  It would be so awesome if you would!!  Share the card you picked for that day and then tell us your experience.  It's a great way to share ideas...and to share the spirit of giving really...

It's only day one and I love this tradition already.




Emily Freeman