Emily Belle Freeman



Made Holy

I had the privilege of attending TOFW in Denver this weekend. I love those events because of what I feel when I am there, and also because of what I learn.

This weekend I learned a lesson I hope I always remember.  It was from Brad Wilcox.  He was speaking about the power of the Atonement.  He asked how many of us had heard someone mess up when they are saying the prayer over the Sacrament.

Every hand in the audience went up.

Then he asked if we had heard someone mess up twice, or even three times.

Each of us could picture a time like that.

Then he asked the question I won't forget, "What happens after they mess up?"

"Does a trap door open up beneath them and they are swallowed up forever?"

"Does someone escort them from the stand?"

"Are they asked to never say a Sacrament prayer again?"


They look to the Bishop and then they try again.

And again.

And if they need to, again.

The prayer over the Sacrament is a sacred ordinance.  And yet the Lord allows people who make mistakes to help perform that ordinance.  Through the help of the Bishop they perform the ordinance until it is right.


Made Holy.

Is the same true of our lives?

I believe in a God of second chances...and even third chances.  A God who gives us every chance.

No matter how many mistakes we make.

He knows we will get it right.

Even if it takes us more than one try.

And through the process we will be made holy.

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