Emily Belle Freeman



Making A Difference


This morning I read one of my most favorite scriptures. It is found in the book of Jude, vs. 22 "...and of some have compassion, making a difference."

Sometimes having compassion comes easier than acting with compassion.

Have you ever watched suffering from a distance?  Your heart goes out to the person...you really feel for them...but there is nothing you can do.

Jude teaches us that there is something more important than just having compassion.

We must make a difference.

We have to act.

Our actions can be simple like making a phone call, or dropping in for an unexpected visit.

Recently I had another idea.  Have you seen those darling banners that you find in vintage stores and corner boutiques?  They are not hard to make...as long as you are good at cutting out triangles.

It just requires a long piece of string, decorated paper, and yarn or ribbon to tie in between.

Then, just there in the in between spots you can add compassion by tying on strips of paper with scriptures that lift the heart or quotes that inspire.

It's amazing how paper and string can turn into an act of compassion...the kind of compassion that has the potential to make a difference.

It doesn't take a lot of time...but it will require the heart.

And compassion.

Doesn't that scripture make you wonder just a little bit what you might do today to make a difference?

This week I have felt several promptings...you should drop off flowers to her...you should send her a quick text...you should...

I have followed through on some of the promptings.  Others I have set aside for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

This morning when I read that scripture it reminded me of the importance of acting.

Making a difference.

So I am off to buy flowers.

Deliberate Discipleship:

Maybe next time you are moved with compassion you might ask yourself how you might make a difference in that situation.  Perhaps you could determine now to act upon that prompting.