Emily Belle Freeman



Multiply Goodness

You are going to love this. It was my favorite moment of today.

My daughter came home from school for lunch.  She is a Senior.  We love to eat lunch together.  Right when she walked in the door she yelled, "Mom, come quick, you gotta see this...you're going to love it."

Before she showed me the thing I was going to love she told me a story.

It was a story about two friends.

One on the basketball team.

The other who lives just down the street.

It happens that the girl who lives down the street wants to share the gospel with the girl on the basketball team.  Actually, she just wants to invite her to church.

So, the girl on the team told the girl down the street if she could get 1000 "retweets" in one month she would go with her.

For those of you who don't understand Twitter, you can post something there for all of your friends to see.

If your friends like it they can tweet it to their friends.

That's called a retweet.

Did you notice that it's only been two days and she already has 713 retweets?  What is going to happen by the end of 30 days?

Sometimes I get so frustrated by the use of technology.  We hear the negative effects of it all the time...people talk less, they text everywhere they go...  We hear of the distraction at school, at church, in the car...

But today I am so grateful for technology.

For the ability people have to multiply goodness so quickly.

And I hope the girl on the basketball team loves church when she goes next month.

Because I don't have a shadow of doubt that the girl down the street will reach 1000 retweets.

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