Emily Belle Freeman



My Favorite Quote

It has taken three days. i have poured over notes.

i have sought inspiration from the Spirit on the journey my heart needs to take for the next six months.

as I have carefully read through the quotes I wrote several stood out...illuminated...and I have noticed that there was a theme from Conference that stood out to me.

Perhaps the same thing happened for you.

I wonder if we each hear a different theme according to the place where we stand on our journey.

I think that must be true.  Because the Spirit speaks to each of us individually.  And what your soul needs right now might be different from what my soul needs.  And that is the sheer beauty about how the Spirit works...weaving together the words that I needs and the words that you need so that each of our hearts are lifted...encouraged...motivated.

This year the theme from Conference that captured my heart was the message of love.  of acceptance.  Of reaching out and embracing all of God's children.

There were several quotes that mentioned this cause.

But my favorite came from Elder Holland...

"take heart.  Pure Christlike love flowing from true righteousness can change the world."

take heart

because it will take your heart.

All of it.

So my quest is to begin to understand this pure Christlike love.  To pray for it.  To practice it.

AND To understand what it means to have true righteousness. To live in true righteousness.

Both sound like a condition of the heart.

so that is my goal for the next six months.

Take heart.

everywhere I go.  And in everything I do.


Emily Freeman