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My Favorite Show & a General Conference Notebook

It was a Tuesday morning when Grace was a little girl, maybe 3-years-old. We were flipping through the channels of the TV looking for a fun show for her to watch before lunch.  Dora… Max & Ruby… you know the drill.

I passed by channel 11 quickly, noticing the Tuesday morning devotional was on…before the next picture could load Grace yelled, "Mom!  Stop!  Go BACK!!  Your favorite show!!!"

I laughed out loud.

She had seen the pulpit, heard the voice, recognized an Apostle standing there and something clicked in her 3-year-old head.

This is my mom's favorite show.

The one she sits down twice a year to faithfully watch for two days straight.  Grace knew.  We had never discussed it, and yet the memory of me watching conference had left a deep impression on her heart.

My favorite thing about that memory is that she was willing to sacrifice her precious moments of TV time before lunch so that I could watch my favorite show.

Well, it's that time of year again.

My favorite show is about to start.

Truly, I can't wait.

There will be treats, and taking notes, and good conversation during the breaks.  My bucket will be filled, and I will become equipped to face the next six months…whatever they may bring.

This year I made General Conference notebooks for my family from the pdf below.  Frilly for the girls.  No frills for the boys.

Each of the squares will make sense to you except the last.  It's my favorite one.

So What…

It's the question I ask myself after every single talk at Conference.

So What…

So what does this mean in my life right now?  So what should I start doing that I wasn't doing before? So what will be different in my life because I heard this talk?

It's the application of the message.

The So What.

Oh, just thinking about it gets my heart excited.

This weekend.

My favorite show.

general conference

For a printable pdf "frills" click here. general conference frills

For a printable pdf "no frills" click here. general conference no frills



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