Emily Belle Freeman



My Plan

Just as I sat down to write today I saw this comment that had been posted on last Monday's blog.  (Thanks Cathy!) "...we reference God's great design almost casually at times, we even sketch it's rude outlines on chalkboards and paper as if it were the floor plan for an addition to one's house.  However, when we really take the time to ponder the Plan, it is breathtaking and overpowering!  Indeed, I for one, cannot decide which creates in me the more awe-- it's very vastness or its intricate, individualized detail." (Neal A Maxwell.)

Today I am caught up in the intricate, individualized detail of the Plan.  I think it is because the moments when the plan becomes individualized and intricate are the moments that it becomes our plan, or in other words, God's Plan for My Salvation.

Then I can't help but wonder...what is God's Plan for me?

There is something so comforting about knowing that Heavenly Father knew us before we came to Earth.  I love the scripture in Romans 8:29 &30, "For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son...Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called..."

When I read this scripture I realize that He knew me before, He knows me now, and He knows who I will become.  He has not sent me here to fail.  He has given me a map with directions and details to make sure I don't lose my way.

When I study the Plan of Salvation I find myself asking three questions...

Why did I come to the Earth at this time in the Plan?

What did the Father know about me before I came to Earth that He reserved me for this time to do?

How will the Savior help me accomplish that work?

In order to receive a fullness of joy I must prepare to accomplish my work in His plan, I must perform that work, and in doing so, become conformed into the image of God's own Son.

I have not been sent to this Earth without purpose: I also have not been sent without a means of returning Home.  My Father has given me a road map that will lead me back to His Kingdom as long as I am loyal to the royal this is in me.

I know that along with that road map, He has also given me specific gifts that will allow me to perform the work He has in mind for me.  The same is true about you.  Why do I believe this?  Out Father didn't just "foreknow" me, He "foreknew" all of us...and He also predestinated us, and called us for the work we would perform.  Because He knew us so well in the preexistence, He knew what work we would do, and He did not send us down to Earth life empty handed.

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin said, "There is a spark of greatness within every one of us...a gift from our loving eternal Heavenly Father.  What we do with that gift is up to us."

Who are you?  Who are you destined to become?  What gifts have you been given that will allow you to reach that destination?

How will knowing and understanding His Plan help lead you in the direction you need to go today?

Consider studying these topics:

What happened in the Premortal life?

Why do the Choices I Make Matter?

What is my role in fulfilling Heavenly Father's Plan?


Deliberate Discipleship:  

This week focus on the  intricate, individualized detail of God's Plan of Salvation for you.  Consider what the Father knew about you in the Pre-Existence, and what He knows about you now.  What does it mean to be loyal to the royal that is in you?  What will prepare you or qualify you for the work He has in mind for you during this Earth Life?  How will living that Plan allow you to return Home to Him?