Emily Belle Freeman



My Ultimate Destination

General Conference - Converted Unto the Lord

Elder Bednar said, "Testimony is a point of departure; it is not an ultimate destination."

What is a point of departure, and how does it relate to a testimony?

It is clearly spelled out on an airline ticket ––you have to depart from where you are before you can arrive at another destination.

If the point of departure is the point where you are, then what is the ultimate destination?

I am intrigued by this. I know where I am. But where do I want to go?

And what is the route that will get me there?

It makes sense when I think about taking a vacation.  I am in Lehi, Utah.  If I want to visit Israel (which I really want to do someday) then I will need to schedule a flight to get me there.

Is the same true of my testimony?

I have read the Book of Mormon.  I know where my testimony is.  But what if I want a deeper testimony of the Book of Mormon?  What if my ultimate destination is to be fully converted to the Book of Mormon?  My journey will include reading, studying, pondering, and applying what I am learning.

I begin to realize that the paths I choose now will be determined by what I want my ultimate destination to be.

The testimony is important..."Strong testimony is the foundation upon which conversion is established."  (Elder Bednar)  It is the point of departure.

But Elder Bednar teaches us that conversion is the ultimate destination.


"Testimony alone is not and will not be enough to protect us in the latter-day storm of darkness and evil in which we are living.  Testimony is important and necessary but not sufficient to provide the spiritual strength and protection we need."  (Elder Bednar)

It is conversion that will protect us and give us the strength we need.

"Consistently being true to the gospel is the essence of conversion." (Elder Bednar)

Do you know where you are? Do you know where you want to be? How will you get there?

Which path will you choose?


Deliberate Discipleship:

Is there an area in your life in which you would like to become more deeply converted?  What path could you choose today that would help you to arrive at that destination?