Emily Belle Freeman



My Whole Desire

 1 Chronicles 28:13 - 2 Chronicles 5:5

It's Conference weekend, and I have looked forward to this for six months, and marked it on my calendar, and set aside time for learning.

It's Conference weekend, and even though I maybe shouldn't, I can't help but hope that the choir will sing Lead Kindly Light, and Consider the Lilies, and A Child's Prayer.

It's Conference weekend, which means my children will gather 'round, and snuggle in, and together we will listen.

It's Conference weekend, and I have a special notebook, and a black pen, and a bag of Cadbury Eggs.

It's Conference weekend, and the prayer in my heart is for those who are preparing to give, and for an increase of the Spirit so that I will be prepared to receive.

It's Conference weekend, and my heart seeks counsel and inspiration, and my Spirit longs to be lifted, and my bucket needs to be filled.

It's Conference weekend, and instead of asking just one question, which is what I usually do, this year I find myself feeling depleted in too many areas to pick just one, and so I have asked the Lord to fill me...to fill every part that is lacking.

It's Conference weekend, and we are about to hear from a Prophet of the Lord, and from His Apostles, and from those who are called to minister.

It's Conference weekend, and as the anticipation fills my heart, I make a decision...and a commitment.   For this whole weekend I have decided to learn from the people in chapter 15 of 2 Chronicles...

"They sought him with their whole desire; and he was found of them."

It's Conference weekend, and my whole desire is to seek Him.


Emily Freeman