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Old Testament Study 2018

With the new year comes a new energy for accomplishing something amazing.

An anticipation.

It gets me every year.  

This year, one of my goals is to read the Old Testament.  Because I love it.  But also because it is what my church congregation will be studying.  Once every four years I read the Old Testament, and this is that year.


I hope you are here because you want to join me!

Here are my thoughts as we dive in.

First, the Old Testament can be an intimidating book.  You might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of pages, or the themes, or the fact that most of it is unfamiliar ––don't let any of those things hold you back!  I promise you that you are about to discover stories you haven't heard before, new verses that will capture your heart, and an understanding that will deepen your appreciation for other scripture.

My approach to reading the Old Testament might be different than any you have heard before.  I look for the good.  In the situations I don't fully understand, I assume the best.  Most important, I try to watch for examples of deliverance.

You are about to love the miracles, and the battles, and the prophets.  You will love the women, and the messages of hope, and the rebuilding.  There will be love stories, and second chances, and heroes.  

Yes, you will love this book.

Here is my plan for our journey together.  At the beginning of every month I will put out a reading schedule.  Then, each Sunday I will have a very simple study guide available for download.  The guide will include a question for every day along with some of my most favorite scripture verses that you will find in that week's reading.

You can fold the guide up and keep it in your scriptures, set it on your nightstand next to your bed, or you might want to try something fun called Bible Journaling.

This year I am going to try Bible Journaling.

I bought an inexpensive copy of the Old Testament.  Then, each week I am going to cut up the study guide and paste it right into my scriptures in all of the places where I want to remember something.


The study guides will be available for free all year...and you can use them as you would like!

Also, you might have questions as you read.  It would be awesome to talk about those here, that way we can discover the answers together.  So if you come across something you want to know more about, write about it in the comments for this week.  

I will update the blog every Saturday night, and I will put weekly reminders up on Instagram.

Are you ready?

Then let's begin...

download free pdf here


Emily Freeman