Emily Belle Freeman



The Dews of Carmel

D&C 124:50 - D&C 126:1


In the past few years the circumstances of my life have allowed me to increase my temple attendance.

I like to go in the morning, and in those early dawn hours I feel the lights of the temple welcoming me each time I return.

There is a very significant blessing I have noticed through this increased temple attendance ––I find myself receiving much needed inspiration from the Spirit more often during the course of each day.

This is one of the blessings promised to those who attend the temple.

We find reference to this blessing in the Doctrine and Covenants where it says, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those that bring glad tidings of good things, and that say unto Zion: Behold, thy God reigneth!  As the dews of Carmel, so shall the knowledge of God descend upon them!”  (D&C 128:19 emphasis added)

This scripture explains that those who bring a voice of gladness to the living and the dead will receive a wonderful blessing; the knowledge of God will descend upon them as the dews of Carmel.

It is a beautiful promise, but it becomes even more significant when we understand what is meant by the dews of Carmel.

Mt Carmel is a mountain range that can be found northwest of the Holy Land.  In ancient times there was always a five to six month period with no rain.  Without rain, the foliage growing on Mt. Carmel would normally wither and die.  However, there is a very unusual phenomenon that takes place on this mountain.  Great humidity produces moisture during this dry season, which results in 250 dew-nights on Mt. Carmel every year.  Because of this heavy dew, Mt. Carmel remains green year-long.

I think of the image of dew descending, evenly, in abundance across the Carmel mountainside, and I realize through that scripture God has given us a very significant promise.

Herein lies the lesson of the dews of Carmel, we are promised that knowledge will descend upon us in remarkable ways.

If we are attending the temple regularly, then, when we need it most, even in times of drought, the knowledge we seek will come.

This I know.

* * * * *

Would you mind terribly if I added a PS?

Because there is one small verse I can't resist making a mention of.

Just a short mention...

For many years I have loved the verse found in D&C 127:2, “God knoweth all these things, whether it be good or bad.  But nevertheless, deep water is what I am wont to swim in.”

Oh, I love that phrase...deep water is what I am won't to swim in...

Because my life has been filled with deep water moments.  Lots of them.  And what do I love most about Joseph?

He kept swimming.

Maybe you are in a deep water moment.

If so, perhaps you might remember the words from one of my most favorite Disney characters and do as Joseph did...

Just keep swimming.

Just keep swimming.


Emily Freeman