Emily Belle Freeman



Own Every Moment


In one of the canyons in St. George, Utah you will find sand dunes…hill after hill of soft red sand.  One of our favorite activities is to jump off the top of the dune and fall into the soft sand waiting below. But in order to do it right you have to give everything you've got.

It requires backing up, then running with abandon, jumping forward without fear, tucking your knees, throwing hands into the air, flying…

until, at the last possible second, you tuck and roll into the soft sand waiting below.







It is the epitome to me of what owning the moment would look like.

It isn't hesitating. It isn't unsure. It isn't not knowing what to do.

It's understanding that if you give everything you have to that moment… you will fly.

Perhaps the same is true of responding to the Spirit.

Already in this one week I have felt the stirrings.  Feelings of unrest.  I am being made uncomfortable.

The Spirit is nudging me…

There is a place I need to arrive at.  A place that will require courage to get to, and effort, and I find myself backing up with thoughts of good intentions and thoughts of doubt swirling in my mind.

Can I do this?

Do I want to?

Again the nudging, the whispering, the encouraging on…a gentle whisper…you can do it.

you can.

But I don't know if I know how.  I don't know how to respond exactly. I don't know if I really have it in me.

do it…you can

Own.  This.  Moment.

I find myself giving in.  I am willing to try. I am going to enter this week with reckless abandon.   Jumping forward without fear. Tucking in.  Throwing my hands into the air.

I am going to JUMP.

Oh, I am nervous about this.

But there are promptings that need to be followed. Whisperings that need to be heard. Suggestions I need to act upon.

For this one week I am not going to hold back.  Hesitate.  Allow myself to be unsure.

I am going to own every moment. Respond to every prompting.

Every. Single. One.

Every. Single. Day.

Perhaps the Spirit has been whispering to you. Maybe suggestions have come.

"Now therefore perform the doing of it…" (2 Corinthians 8:11)

This week.

Own. Every. Moment.


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Emily Freeman