Emily Belle Freeman



Pausing Again

Remember how several months ago we pushed pause just for a second? I want to do that again now.  For a few moments I want to talk about three really important things...

1. Playing Catch Up

2. A Long Walk

3. Guacamole

First, let's talk about playing catch up.  If you are behind, then this important thing is written just for you.  I want to invite you to reread the blog entitled A Word of Encouragement.  Several of you have mentioned that you are feeling a bit behind.  Here are some ideas...We are about to start Chronicles.  You might not know this, but Chronicles is filled with repetition from Samuel and Kings.  Remember, repetition is important...because sometimes it is helping to reinforce a message from the Lord.  But the other important thing about repetition is that it often makes it easier to read.  Another good thing is that the first ten chapters of Chronicles are filled with Genealogy.  It is a good place to skim through quickly.  It will be a great place to help you catch up.   And if you haven't yet, can you check and make sure your reading schedule matches the one listed in The Daily Journey above?  I had to make some changes at the end of February.

Second, I want to invite you to join us in a celebration.  On June 23 we will finish the Old Testament.  Can You Believe IT?!  To celebrate we are going to take a journey of our own.  This is The Walk that I referred to in the very first post...you might remember.  More details will be forthcoming in the next two weeks, but I wanted to give you advanced warning to put it on your calendar.  June 23, 2012.  (We talked about Memorial Day, but we are changing the date to coincide with the reading.)  What will our journey entail?  A seventeen mile walk centered around the lessons that were taught along the Jericho Road.  Why 17?  Because that is how long the road to Jericho is.   This year our walk will celebrate the culmination of the Old Testament and the start of reading the New Testament.  I can hardly wait!  Next week I will post a very simple training schedule.  This walk will be a little different than the ones that we have done in the past.  This time we will have mile markers where you can join us if you are not up for the full seventeen miles.  And if you are reading this blog in a different State, or even a different Country, I will post all the information you need so you can join the celebration in spirit from wherever you happen to be on that day.  No need to fear, if you are not a walker at all there will be other ways to participate in the celebration...even from your own home.  Oh, I can't wait for that day!

Last, I want to talk for a minute about guacamole.

I know that it might seem like a weird subject, but stay with me for just a moment here...

My whole life I have hated guacamole.  And, for that matter, avocados.

It was something about the texture...and maybe the color...and for sure the consistency.  An avocado just has never really appealed to me.

 I have to say, I've honestly never tried to actually eat an avocado...

Until about a month ago.

Which is exactly when I discovered I love avocados.  I have eaten one every day since then.  Honestly.  Every day.  I even taught myself how to make guacamole.

And other delicious things.

You know, for part of my life we lived in California.  I had twelve avocado trees in my very own backyard.  I never ate one avocado off of those trees.  I feel bad about that now.  But don't worry, I am totally making up for it.

Today as I was peeling an avocado and thinking how much I was about to enjoy it, I couldn't help but think about the Old Testament...(because I think about the Old Testament a lot lately...)

And I thought about how much it is like my guacamole experience.  I don't think I realized I was going to enjoy this journey as much as I have.  I am discovering I love the Old Testament just as much as I love the New Testament.  Oh, sure, there are some parts I don't understand.  And parts that confuse me.  And sometimes the behavior breaks my heart.  But, I am finding nuggets that are changing me.  I am learning truths I haven't fully understood before.  I am developing a deeper love for great heroes.

You know what?  I actually look forward to reading the Old Testament each day.

And one more thing...

I am so glad you are taking this journey with me.  It makes it sweeter.

So, thank you.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow's reading will bring.

Emily Freeman