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Pay it Forward

photo (14) Day two.

The boys told Jenny that they had been waiting for a really long time to do our activity tonight.

Considering that we talked about it for the first time last night, it leaves only two possible explanations for their anticipation.

Either they were really excited for a fast food dinner, or the thought of a random and anonymous act of service was uncontrollably thrilling to them.

I think it was the second.

We pulled out of our driveway, not sure which way we should go.

We figured we would know we were there when we got there.

The drive-through sign was burnt out, but it seemed the right place.

Lots of cars waiting in line.

So we joined at the back.

Certainly someone would pull up behind us.

Car after car finished their orders as we inched closer.

A long line in front of us and nothing behind.

The kids kept stretching their necks to see if a car was behind us yet.

We waited, and waited, and waited.

I started formulating "plan B" when I rolled down my window.

Then headlights.

Last minute, with expected surprise, a truck pulled up just as we were finishing our order.

photo (13)

The girls squealed.

The boys lifted their fists in cheer.

The giddiness was palpable when we asked if we could pay for the meal of the man behind us.

How could something so simple be so exciting?

We wondered what his reaction would be.

Maybe he payed for the car behind him and started a domino of paying it forward.

Maybe he really needed it.

Maybe he was in a bad mood and it brought a smile.

We will never know.

I immediately decided I wanted to do this once a month.

It was that fun.

We pulled out into traffic and disappeared into the dark.

And everyone was smiling.

photo (15)

p.s. My mom sent me this picture this morning of her 24 days of giving display.


They decided the mittens would represent the chance to be the Saviors hands during the Christmas season.  Don't you love it?  What does yours look like?  What are you doing to participate in 24 days of giving??

p.p.s. If you are just finding the blog and are wondering what is going on, click and take a look at this post  {24 Days of Giving}  for a detailed explanation of what we are doing and hurry and join the celebration!

Emily Freeman