Emily Belle Freeman



Please Spell Out My Next Step

Last week we talked about learning to recognize gifts.

Perhaps you spent the week pondering.  I did.  On Wednesday I received a text from a dear friend that put into words exactly what I was feeling, "OK... so WHAT is my gift?  Please spell out my next step! There is a great deal of EFFORT being expended over here to know!"

Just like my friend, I was beginning to realize that not only were we being taught a lesson in how to recognize gifts, we were also learning how to communicate with the Lord.

It requires a great deal of effort.

As I studied this weeks Sunday School lesson I found four steps that might help...

First, "Let him that is ignorant learn wisdom by humbling himself and calling upon the Lord his God, that his eyes may be opened that he may see, and his ears opened that he may hear; For my Spirit is sent forth into the world to enlighten the humble and contrite..."  (D&C 136:32-33)

This scripture teaches that we must be humble, contrite, and call upon the Lord...

To be humble is to be meek and unpretentious.

I think of the moments in my life when I have been humble enough to ask for advice from a friend.  It is the humility that allows me to be open to the advice that I will receive.  So that I might see.  So that I will be able to hear.

Part of receiving the answer will require me to humble my heart.  It will also require me to call upon the Lord.

Sometimes the humbling comes as part of the process of calling upon the Lord.

When the answer doesn't come immediately it requires patience.  Could learning patience lead to humility?

Is this then the beginning?  Calling on the Lord with the patience that leads to humility.

What happens next?

"Yea, behold, I will tell you in your mind and in your heart, by the Holy Ghost, which shall come upon you and which shall dwell in your heart.  Now, behold, this is the spirit of revelation; behold, this is the spirit by which Moses brought the children of Israel through the Red Sea on dry ground."  (D&C 8:2-3)

This process has led me to understand that the Holy Ghost has great power...enough power to bring the children of Israel through the Red Sea on dry ground.  To receive that power I have to allow the Holy Ghost to come upon me AND to dwell in my heart.

Not just to visit my heart.

To dwell there.

That's probably going to require some lifestyle changes, I have to live worthy of the Spirit at all times and in all places.  Then the question I have to ask is how serious am I about receiving personal revelation?

Serious enough to allow the Holy Ghost to come upon me and dwell in my heart?

After allowing room for the Spirit in my heart, the third step is to learn to recognize His voice.

"And now, verily, verily, I say unto thee, put your trust in the Spirit which leadeth to do good ––yea, to do justly, to walk humbly, to judge righteously; and this is my Spirit....which shall enlighten your mind, which shall fill your soul with joy; and then shall ye know, or by this shall you know, all things whatsoever you desire of me..."  (D&C 11:12-14)  These are the ways the Spirit speaks to us...the way He whispers to our hearts.

Last, once I have received the revelation I must not doubt.

"...if you desire a further witness, cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart, that you might know concerning the truth of these things.  Did I not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter?  What greater witness can you have than from God?"  (D&C 6:22-23)

I have been working through the process of these four steps this week.  The asking humbly, the changing my lifestyle, the listening.  On Saturday night as I read my scriptures I felt the whisper in my heart. As I read my scriptures.

I don't think that was a coincidence.

I typed out the scripture verses that I was reading when the prompting came.

Because I knew I would question the reality of that prompting in days ahead during the rough moments.

I don't want to forget that He spoke peace to my mind concerning the matter on Saturday night.  God's witness to my heart.

Deliberate Discipleship:

If you are seeking an answer from God consider trying these four steps taken from this weeks Sunday School lesson student manual.  Ponder the verses above. Consider reading the full chapters to see what other insight you might glean.  In His own way, and in His own time the Lord will answer you.

Of that, I am certain.