Emily Belle Freeman



Prepare a Landing Place

Sometimes my head reels with all the questions I have for God. I'm not talking about the big questions…those wonders that fill the Universe.

I'm talking about the ordinary details of my life questions.  What should I do here, how do I proceed, this is what I need, Lord, this is what I long for, hope for, wish.

My mind gets so caught up in the questions.  They come one right after the other.  The one prompting the next.  A rush of desires and needs and questions cascading into a flood of emotion and worry and longing for answers.

This is what happened on Friday morning.

I was driving in my car trying to solve all of the problems of the world…please say you have mornings like that…

There are things I have been praying about for quite a while that seem unresolvable.  I am just not sure how to move forward.

After a good twenty minutes of pouring out my heart I felt the frustration setting in.  I had so much to say and no answers were coming.  So much to say that I couldn't even get it all out in twenty minutes.  So much to say that I could have continued the pleading for way longer than the time it was going to take to drive to where I was going.

So much to say that there wasn't any time to listen.

That's when the realization settled in.

I had become so proficient in pouring out my heart that I had neglected learning how to listen.

In that instant I realized that there was a preparation that must take place before the answers could come.

A stilling, a paving of the way, a preparing of the heart.

If I wanted to receive the answers I longed for, I had to prepare a landing place.

And so it begins.

The challenge for this week…

Prepare a landing place.


First, I am trying to live in gratitude.  Gratitude is one of the quickest ways to prepare a heart for listening.  It fosters humility.  It soothes stress.  It invites the Spirit.

Second, I am surrounding myself with stillness.  Still music.  Still conversations.  Still entertainment.  That which brings peace.  Uplifts.  Strengthens the Spirit.

Last, I am immersing myself in the scriptures.  I am opening the pages with a prayer in my heart that I will be led to the verses I need.  I am spending time there.  Devoted to listening.  Discovering.

Three simple goals that I will live by daily in the hopes that answers will come.

I am preparing a landing place.

I will be honest, as I begin this week anticipation is already filling my soul.  I can't help but wonder what this week holds in store.  What answers heaven holds for this heart of mine.

My prayer is simple…let them descend to this resting spot, this heart haven, this landing place.

I am preparing.









Emily Freeman