Emily Belle Freeman



Quench Not the Spirit

On Saturday night Greg tried to fix the bathroom sink. The one that won't drain.

Oh, he tried everything.  When nothing worked he opened the cupboards and took the whole thing apart.  When that didn't work he shut the cupboard and went to bed.

Grace and I were having a girl's night out when all this took place.

Needless to say, we had no idea about the sink project left undone.

Until Sunday morning.

It was after we had gotten ready for the day.  After the washing faces, brushing teeth, cleaning out the sink.  It was when the cupboard door magically opened by itself and water came spilling out all over the bathroom floor.  That's when we realized there had been a sink project.

I thought to myself, sometimes you have to call in the professionals.

This is probably one of those times.

This week I will rely on the help of professionals.  I'm flying to Texas on Friday.  On Thursday I will have a full skin check like I do every six months.  Today I'm going to work with someone who is brilliant with social media.  And there is the issue with the bathroom sink…

Each of them are experts in their field.

I don't know what I would do without them.

But this morning I was reminded of a professional that we sometimes overlook.

It was shortly after seminary started.  In the dark hours of the morning, before the sun had  a chance to rise.

A boy named Adam stood up at the front of our class and 30 kids all waited to see what he had to share.  He read a scripture and then said one simple sentence…

"The Holy Ghost is a professional at what he does."

The thought sunk deep.

A professional.

At touching the heart. At giving warnings. At sending promptings. At speaking to each of us, in our own language, in a way we can understand.

I thought about my day, and about my week, and about my life…sometimes you have to call in the professional.

And sometimes I forget.

a daily invitation

Today the invitation comes from 1 Thess. 5:19, "Quench not the Spirit."  Call in the professional.  What can you do to allow the Spirit a greater access to your heart today?


Emily Freeman