Emily Belle Freeman



Receive the Gift

Perhaps now is a good time to tell you about some of my journey over the past few months. Looking back I see how important it was that we started this journey in January.  Little did I know how much my soul was going to need it.  But God knew.  And I think He knew that if I invited you to join me on this journey it would make me see it through…all the way to the end.  This journey to come to know how the Spirit works in our lives has played a crucial role in the events of my life these past few months.  I am so grateful that you have walked the path with me…knowing you were along has made me want to try harder, reach deeper, and take time to recognize the change that was taking place in my life.

I wish I could spill out all of the details in this post, but it would take you all day to read it, so instead I will just share the highlights.

It all began in January when Brother Butler and I submitted a book together.

It is a book about recognizing your potential and listening and responding to the invitations of the Lord in order to live the life you were meant to live.  It's a subject we are passionate about!  Our publisher read the book and suggested that it was a topic that would appeal to a larger audience than I have previously written for, so after a lot of prayer and listening for direction we decided to launch the book in the mainstream Christian market in July of this year.

Screenshot 2014-05-06 11.21.56

We can't wait!!

Preparing to launch this book has been one of the hardest adventures I have ever undertaken.  (You probably have noticed that it is taking a toll on my time.)  But there are other changes taking place in my life.  I am having to make myself uncomfortable, own every moment, and set no limits.  It has required me to find moments of quiet so that I can hear with my heart.  I have tried to experience a constant flowing, live under the complete influence of the Spirit, and prepare a landing place so that I can receive the direction I need daily.

Sound familiar?

This journey has enabled me to come to know and understand the workings of the Spirit in a concentrated way…and I am profoundly grateful for the sweet influence the Spirit is having on my life at this time.

I have been led into situations I would never have thought possible, I have met new friends who are becoming dear to me, and I have learned things that are making me a better person.

This journey with the Holy Ghost has been a much needed gift for this time of my life.

As I look back one thing becomes readily apparent to me.  None if this would have happened if I wouldn't have been willing to begin this journey AND to receive the gifts that come into our lives daily when we allow the Spirit to work in our life.

This has been a  journey that has required effort on our part.  But it also requires recognition ––because often the whisperings of the Spirit brings gifts that come in quiet moments unexpectedly.

I was reminded of this yesterday when I was taking a walk with my mom.

We walked past a field that was overgrown with tall grass, dead weeds, and unwanted trees.  And then, right in the middle of it all, we saw a bunch of tulips growing there.

I thought to myself, tulips don't grow by seed…they weren't blown there…someone had to plant the bulbs in that unexpected place.  

Someone had planted beauty in the midst of turmoil.

We would have missed them if we hadn't been watching carefully.

And sometimes that is the way of our lives.

When we allow the Spirit to work in us, unexpected gifts will grow out of the commotion that is our lives.

I hope we will watch carefully so we do not miss them.

Those quiet promptings…the unexpected answers…the gentle whispers.

I hope we will continue to receive the gift.



Emily Freeman