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Remember and Record

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Two words jumped right out as I was reading yesterday.

Remember and Record.

I thought about how important those two words are in this process of recognizing the tender mercies in our lives.

The Lord is so good.  The evidence of that is everywhere around us.  I find myself marking so many verses that testify of that truth.  Have you come across any of these yet?

"I will be merciful."  (1 Nephi 13:33)

"I, Nephi, had been blessed of the Lord exceedingly."  (1 Nephi 16:8)

"And so great were the blessings of the Lord upon us..." (1 Nephi 17:2)

You will love this one...

"I have sent him, the Lord thy God who teacheth thee to profit, who leadeth thee by the way thou shouldst go...they shall feed in the ways, and their pastures shall be in all high places.  They shall not hunger nor thirst neither shall the heat nor the sun smite them; for he that hath mercy on them shall lead them, even by the springs of water shall he guide them."  (1 Nephi 20:17& 1 Nephi 21:9-10)

I can't help but wonder how I will remember the moments when He has led me if I don't record them.

How will I remember the moments when I was blessed exceedingly?

How will I remember the great blessings?

Nephi teaches, "And I, Nephi, did go into the mount oft, and I did pray oft unto the Lord; wherefore the Lord showed unto me great things."  (1 Nephi 18:3)

We all remember the great things that happened to Nephi.  Why?   Because he recorded them.

Something inside of me prompts that my family needs to keep a record of the great things, the moments when we have been blessed exceedingly.  So we when encounter times that are hard we will have a record to look back on.  A written notebook of the moments we have seen the hand of the Lord in our life.

In our family we each have a Book of Evidences.  Perhaps you remember me talking about those.  If not, you can find that link here.  That is one way to keep a record.

Maybe you have a journal where you can keep track of the great things.

It is worth thinking about right now...at the beginning.  Because somehow these two words need to be a part of what we are doing on this challenge.

Remember and Record.

As I was out and about today I stopped in and bought a bracelet for my girls and I to wear for the rest of the month.  I think they were meant to be for pioneer trek, but they say the word "remember" and my girls and I thought it was a great, inexpensive reminder to keep our eyes open for the mercies all around us.

And, I have almost run out of room to record in my scriptures (who knew there were so many mercies to be found in first Nephi?!  What about Jacob, and Enos?  And Alma!!!)

So I picked up a journal that is just the size of the scriptures I am using.  I don't want to miss anything I am learning...and I want a record of this experience that I will be able to look back on for years to come.

How is your journey coming?

Have you discovered any scriptures that you could share with us?  Oh, please do!

And if you have a tender mercy you would like to share on this blog we would love to post it!  Send it our way.