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Remember Who You Are

I just sent four kids off to college. Whew!  My mind is still reeling…and actually, so is my heart.

I pray for them on a regular basis.  And by regular, I mean several times a day.

…that they will do well in their classes, that they will find good friends, that they will be watched over and protected, AND that they will remember who they are…

That last bit is really important to me.  Because it's hard to do that when you enter a new world.  Sometimes you can lose yourself there.

On Saturday I received a text from Garett.  He's playing football for Snow College.  Tearing it up.  Oh, I love that boy.  On Saturday he got a new pair of cleats.  He said I was going to love them.

And then the photos started coming through.

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

He was right.

I loved them.

I loved how he wrote, in permanent black sharpie, snippets that would remind him of who he was.

Favorite scriptures, favorite football players, favorite lines from favorite hymns.

I wondered what all the other boys thought of those shoes as he stood there among giants on the sideline of that field.

And then I realized it really didn't matter what the other boys thought.

It just matters what God thinks, really.

And God can't help but love Garett's heart.

I read those cleats and I knew.

Garett knows who he is.

He remembers.

a daily invitation:

Could you find a permanent reminder to display somewhere today that would help you remember who you are?  Maybe it's a favorite scripture, a line from a favorite song, a photograph, or a small figurine.  A reminder that God knows you…a reminder that you are His.

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Emily Freeman