Emily Belle Freeman



Search My Heart

Lorenzo Snow Chapter 8

“Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts..."

Psalm 139:23

I recently had a conversation with a friend about the power of obedience.

Sometimes it is hard to practice exact obedience.

Here is what I mean...

Last time you drove down a road with a sign stating 25 mph how fast did you drive?

Exactly 25?  Hmmmm.

It's easy to be exactly obedient to the laws and commandments that come easy to us.  But sometimes there are laws and commandments that we want to adjust a little bit according to our need.

Slowly our obedience becomes less exact.

My friend asked me why I think obedience is so important in the Lord's plan.

I told her that I used to think that it was in order to improve our behavior, to keep us safe, to follow the counsel we are given.  Those are all important, and true.

But recently I have learned a deeper truth.

"Now, if we really desire to draw near to God; if we wish to place ourselves in accord with the good spirits of the eternal worlds; if we wish to establish within ourselves that faith which we read about and by which ancient Saints performed such wonderful works we must, after we obtain the Holy Spirit, hearken to its whisperings and conform to its suggestions, and by no act of our lives drive it from us..."  (Lorenzo Snow Chapter 8)

Obedience allows us to obtain the Holy Ghost so that we can hearken to its whisperings.

So that we can conform to its suggestions.

I love how President Snow counsels that we must "by no act of our lives drive it from us."

I have learned that the greater my need for inspiration and guidance, the more exact my obedience becomes.

I think of the responsibility of raising children in the world today.  I consider setbacks we have faced.  I ponder the needs my family prays for daily.

We need inspiration.  Constantly.



I cannot afford to drive the Holy Ghost from me.

But, in order to hear the whisperings I must qualify myself for the presence of the Holy Ghost.

Obedience leads to that gift.

Deliberate Discipleship:

I loved this suggestion from President Snow:

"… It would be well to examine ourselves, hold communion with ourselves in the secret closet, to ascertain how we stand … before the Lord, so that if need be we may renew our diligence and faithfulness, and increase our good works."  (Lorenzo Snow Chapter 8)

This examining will require us to search our hearts.

Could you take a few minutes today to hold communion in the secret closet?

What will you discover?