Emily Belle Freeman



Seek an Errand from the Lord

photo (19) I want to show you the top on my stairs.

photo (20)

This spot might not look like much, but I honestly get a lump in my throat when I look at this picture.

This is the spot where we gather for scripture study and prayer.

And now it is the spot where we gather to talk about our daily challenges for our 24 days of giving.

Tonight the conversation was particularly special.

We talked about our errands from the Lord.

My little girl told us about the idea to give one of her dolls to a girl at school.

"It just...came to my head, Dad," she said with a sweet five year old little voice.

Our middle boy talked about how easy it was to walk up to someone and say--"Do you want to be my friend?"

Our oldest spoke with compassion that surprised me.

I wondered how this day would go.

I wondered who would catch on.

I even wondered about my own errand from the Lord.

I watched and waited anxiously all day.

My thoughts were more intense.  More deliberate.

I prayed continuously.

I wondered where He would send me.

And then I learned that sometimes the Lord sends you on errands, and sometimes He sends errands to you.

She walked in to my classroom rather sheepishly.

I had seen her before.

Always alone.

I knew the moment the door opened that there was something to be done.

It was the exact feeling I tried to explain to the kids last night when we explained what we were going to be looking for.

"You will just know," I said.

And I did.

I was talking with a boy who is well known and well liked at the school.

No shortage of friends.

Apologetically, like she was interrupting Congress, she asked if we wanted to play cards.

If she could teach us a new game.

We laughed and smiled and talked and spent the most magical minutes of the whole day.

She left showering us with undeserved thank yous.

My heart was the thankful one.

I feel a little silly even writing this--like I believe I did some great thing.

I don't.

I am writing it to remember three  important truths I learned today.

First--His errands will always include people--His children.

Second--The errand is never for Him and hardly for them.

Third--Why am I not thinking and acting this way every day?

Emily Freeman