Emily Belle Freeman



Send an uplifting text

I live most of my life in a high school. And I spend a lot of time with teenagers.

And they spend a lot of time with their phones.

Sometimes we are in the same room and we are not really in the same room.

I usually wonder where they are.

Sometimes I get a little sad when I know that the Spirit was unable to reach someone because they were reaching so hard for a higher candy crush score--in the opposite direction.

Yes, I could write a novel about my phone pet peeves.

But not today.

Today I speak for the phones.

And for the teenage thumbs that use them.

For good.

When I told some of my classes about the challenge to "send an uplifting text," the reaction was nearly unanimous.

"That is so easy!"  Or "I do that all the time."

There was an enthusiasm to participate.

I started to think about the power that each of them had in their hands (and wishfully their pockets).

They could reach nearly anyone.

Time and distance were not factors in their ability to uplift, encourage, and strengthen.

There is much good to be done in the world today, and it really is rather easy.

So today I am developing a greater love for those pesky little distractions.

And I am going to try and new assumption.

From now on, when I notice them gone, I am going to assume they are gone on a quest to uplift another soul.

That seems like a happy way to think--and hopefully it is true!

Emily Freeman