Emily Belle Freeman



Silence is Good For the Soul

I learned another lesson in South Carolina that I haven't shared with you yet. If you ask me my favorite part of South Carolina it is this: The white rocking chairs in the airport.

I know that is strange.  And I do have to admit that I haven't seen very much of South Carolina.  I have been there twice...without a rental car.  The only scenery I have seen is what I have viewed from a car window from the airport to the hotel.

But I really do love the people.

And the food.

AND the white rocking chairs in the airport.

This is why.  I hate airports.  People always seem rushed.  I hate to fly.   I am scared of the people who run the security check point.  (I don't know why ––they have always been friendly to me––but they look scary.)  Going to the airport is like going to the dentist.

Except in South Carolina.

Because someone put white wooden rocking chairs there.  You feel like you should sit down for a while with a good friend and drink fresh squeezed lemonade.  It's like you have all the time in the world.  No rushing.  No security.  No airplanes.  (They really do have all those things at the airport in South Carolina...it's just that you forget about them when you see the rocking chairs.)


This weekend when I walked by the white rocking chairs I felt peace.  In that moment I made a promise to myself...this winter I am going to take more time to sit still.

To find a place away from the rushing, and the demands, and the checking off. To have moments of silence. To pause.

Every day.  For at least one hour.

I am setting aside a quiet moment to fill my own bucket.  And I will let every day determine what my bucket needs for that one hour.

I am firm about this goal.  Determined.  I have penciled it in on my calendar every day this week, and it is working.

I really am devoting one hour every day to be still because I believe in this line penned by a songwriter I greatly admire...

"Silence is good for the soul."