Emily Belle Freeman




General Conference

Hello again dear friend!

So sorry for the unexpected holiday!  A malicious code somehow found its way into the blog.

Brother Butler and I found ourselves missing you while we waited impatiently for the repairs to take place.

We checked back often throughout the day in hopes that we would be able to reconnect.

I realized, these past few days, that this blog has become a refuge of sorts.  A place where I can pause from the hurry of my day to reflect on sacred things.

I missed the pausing.

And I missed the knowing that you were out there pausing with me...to reflect on that which matters most.  To think of Him.

Elder Scott taught us, "Many voices from the world in which we live tell us we should live at a frantic pace.  There is always more to do and more to accomplish.  Yet deep inside each of us is a need to have a place of refuge where peace and serenity prevail, a place where we can reset, regroup, and reenergize to prepare for future pressures."  (For Peace at Home)

I need places of refuge.

I want peace and serenity to prevail in my life.

I find myself drawn to the places that allow me to reset, regroup, and reenergize.

I think that is why I enjoy coming to this resting place daily.  It allows me to refocus my priorities.  To reset my pace.

The other day I went for a walk with a dear friend.  We pondered the importance of the Holy in our life.  We talked about making room for peace.  Within that conversation I realized how much I need the Spirit in my life right now.

The world is loud The noise demands attention.

It calls my name and draws me in.

Torn between here and there I feel the pull everywhere, the pulse has constant access to my soul.

In the midst of the confusion I want to hide I turn inside

I feel still...

Hope like a whisper, a hush of comfort, silent Peace.  A holy gift poured out upon me, power fills me, joy surrounds me  ––this inspiration sent from Heaven is sweet solitude

leading me to You


I am weary But I keep it all inside

It weighs on my heart and brings me to my knees

I feel the worry pressing down as the darkness settles 'round ...this burden knows the depths of my soul

In the midst of the suffering I want to hide I turn inside

I feel still

Hope like a whisper... A hush of comfort ...Silent Peace

A holy gift poured out upon me power fills me,  joy surrounds me inspiration sent from Heaven

Sweet solitude leading me to You


Deliberate Discipleship:

Today find a moment to let peace and serenity prevail.  Take refuge in that moment.  Regroup.  Seek the inspiration that will come in that sweet solitude.