Emily Belle Freeman



Study of Light

I am drawn to light.

I love candles, and twinkle lights, and fireflies.

And the sunrise.

And sitting on the beach in the late afternoon when the sun is soft and warm.

I still sleep with a night light.

I have learned that the dark moments are easier to navigate with even just a sliver of light.

In the place where I live, January and February are the darkest months of the New Year. It is I time when I find myself seeking most for those slivers of light.

I know it’s power. How it is working, even in these dreary months, to pull forth the tulips and the sweet white blossoms hidden within the branches of my pear tree.

The thought of it gives me hope.

As we talked, the Six of us who gather together weekly to study His word, we wanted to find a way to fill these next six weeks with light. To capture that hope.

So we pulled together some of our favorite verses and stories that testify of the power of light.

For the next six weeks that will be our study.

Thank you to @rhonnafarrer who helped us design these study pages. Starting January 1, you will be able to download companion study helps including weekly phone savers and weekly art prints in the Rhonna Designs app for free. We will give you all the info you need @multiplygoodness.

Hoping you will join us! And maybe bring a friend.

Our study of light begins January 3. Join our live study on Instagram or Facebook. All faiths are welcome here.

Looking forward to spending the next six weeks with you!!

(Click the image below to download the study guide.)

Emily Freeman