Emily Belle Freeman



The Believing

Someone gave the grocery chains permission to set out holiday decorations on the day after Halloween. Some people hate that.

Not me.

I figure if they can haul out the holly on the first day of November, then I might as well too.

It's my favorite part of November...decorating for Christmas.  I do it a little at a time.  Before long the house is filled with magic, and giving, and believing, and Christ.

It takes a lot of preparing.

But there is nothing like gathering in the family room with the twinkle of Christmas lights, and a warm fire burning, and nativities surrounding.

Every evening we turn out the lights in the whole house except the ones that twinkle...and then we gather.  We love that room.  There is a feeling of peace there.  A reminder of who it is we are seeking.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 7.20.16 PM

You might think I am crazy.

And you will ask what happened to Thanksgiving...don't worry, I love Thanksgiving...and I honestly believe a season of gratitude prepares us for a season of giving.  In honor of Thanksgiving we will hang a gratitude poster on the kitchen pantry and we have three trees dedicated to celebrating our gratitude for the tender mercies in our life.

But 24 nights of celebrating the birth of the Savior just aren't enough for this heart.

So let it begin.

The seeking.

The celebrating.

The believing.


Emily Freeman