Emily Belle Freeman



The Gathering

After the first session of Conference my nephew, Camden, invited me on an adventure. Down the back porch, across the field, down the bank that led to the river.  "You can follow me," he yelled over his shoulder, "or you can find your own way."

I watched him leap over the boulders until he reached the opposite bank.

I decided it was best to follow.  He pointed out each rock until I had reached the other side safely.

Then we walked down the little path, and finally we reached The Project.

The one they had been working on all weekend.

First building a foundation and then adding strength.

The whole family joined in.  From the youngest to the oldest.  Each had a part.

Everyone gathered together.

Then, when Conference began again we moved inside.

We ate treats, and played Conference Bingo, and took notes, and worked on quiet projects.

As I listened I heard a familiar invitation...  "You can follow me," and I thought of the Savior.

Every year Conference reminds me how important it is to follow.  I listened for the counsel that would help me reach, and create, and seek for places that are safe.

I looked around the room at all of the people who had been building the foundation of the tree house... adding strength.

And I realized that is what we were doing still, right there in the family room as the sounds of Conference filled the room.

From the youngest to the oldest.

Everyone gathered together.

Building our spiritual foundations.

Adding strength.

When I look back over the weekend what I will remember most is the strength that came from the gathering together.

Both in the tree house and in the family room.

This week I will pour over my notes and try to pick the one phrase that I want to work on.

I will make a list of the talks I want to listen to again.

And I will hold onto the sweetness that came from the gathering.

Deliberate Discipleship:

What stood out to you most from Conference this weekend?  Was there a piece of counsel that spoke to your heart?  How will you remember it?  Could you spend this week reflecting?  What is one way you can "perform the doing" of the counsel that stood out to you?