Emily Belle Freeman



The Rescue

It was when the traffic was all piled up where it never does that I knew something was wrong. The way people were stopped all haphazardly along Twelfth East, not moving through that four way stop.

Something was going on.

I tried to see past the car in front of mine, through the traffic, and there they came walking slowly through the traffic jam ––frightened, unsure, and confused.

My neighbors new baby goats.


Somehow they had broken free of the fence and landed themselves in a great, big mess.

What's a girl to do in an awkward moment like this?

Those cars stopped still, those goats darting back and forth because for some reason they had left the protection of that old wood fence.

A rescue.  It had to be done.

I got out of my car.  Me, in my white blouse, and pink sweater, with flip flops, chasing those two goats back into the fence they'd wiggled their way out of.

Unashamed, they climbed back through the weak spot of the fence, and I followed after making sure the pink sweater didn't get caught up in the fence.  The two of them clung together, walking side by side over to the corner of the house and lay down, breathing heavy.  They were exhausted from the excitement of it all.

I was too.

But, don't worry, I didn't lay down next to them.  I only stayed long enough to make sure they were OK, and then I walked over and looked at the fence.  It would have to be made stronger.  That weak spot had to be fortified.

Otherwise they would be lost again.

It didn't take long, the fortification.  A couple of cinder blocks placed just right.  Then, I squeezed back through the tiny hole and pulled the fence and cinder block tight behind me.

They would be safe now.

I brushed off my muddy flip flops and got back into my car thinking about that first moment when those baby goats came walking through the gaps in the traffic…frightened and confused and searching for a safe place.

I didn't have to wonder…I could see it in their eyes.

And then, I forgot about the goats.

Because I've seen eyes like that before.  Eyes that can't betray the pain, the fear, the uncertainty.  Eye's that reflect a heart begging for a rescue.

And sometimes we don't act because we are afraid it might be awkward.  We don't know what to do.  We don't know what to say.  Really, we don't quite know how to bring them to a place of safety.

But the Lord does.

Through moments of prayer and meditation promptings will come.

Who do you know that needs a rescue today?

Maybe yours is the responsibility of leading the way home.  Perhaps you will mend the fence.  You might simply walk beside them for a time along the road.

Here's something I believe with all of my heart.  If you tell the Lord you are willing to help rescue one who is lost He will whisper words of encouragement to your soul.

Promptings will come.

You will know what to do.

a daily invitation

Do you know someone today who needs a rescue?  Rescues come in so many ways… You can rescue someone from loneliness, from uncertainty, from a dangerous path.  Could you make time for an unexpected detour today and in some small way lend a helping hand?  Offer friendship, offer fortification, offer a safe haven.  Not sure how to proceed?  Spend some time on your knees…The Lord, master of the rescue, will help you know what to do.




Emily Freeman