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The Second Mile

It's been a crazy two weeks. I spent last week preparing for a Time Out for Women I spoke at in Spokane.  We had such a great experience there.

This week I am gearing up for Idaho Falls.

Today I am playing catch up.  I put the pdf link up for last week's quotes. I added the journal page for Friday.  I hadn't realized that I forgot to post the blog from last Mondy!  So that is finally up.  And I am just getting around to the quote for today.

Don't worry, next week life slows back down.  Oh, I am so happy for that.

Last night we talked about what it means to walk in someone else's shoes.  I asked each of my kids to think of someone they knew who followed the Spirit.  We talked about what that looked like.

Then I gave each person in our family a challenge.

I thought of a scripture hero that reminded me of each one of them.  I invited them to study that hero all week long.  I encouraged them to immerse themselves inside their stories and see what they could learn from walking in their shoes.

I can't wait to see what they discover!

the second mile

for a printable pdf click below:

the second mile

Emily Freeman