Emily Belle Freeman



The Walk


The day before the walk this email showed up in my inbox... i just wanted to quickly share a thank you and a few thoughts...

I feel like this walking celebration was carefully planned just for me! I know it wasn't...but it feels like it. Last year at this time, almost to the day, you held a walk for the Old Testament journey we had been on. I wanted so much to be there, but instead found myself having back surgery and facing one of the most difficult years of my life.

It has been a year full of Tender Mercies.

I have known them throughout my life, they would usually be subtle and quiet...requiring me to reach and look. It is obvious to me that my loving Heavenly Father knew that this chapter of my life would require Tender Mercies in technicolor!!

They were everywhere, those mercies were the medicine that got me through. I kept a notepad on my night stand and wrote them down as they came. And, yes hidden among the obvious, there were still those gentle tender mercies that required me to ponder and identify them as such. I know that Heavenly Father knows us individually, He knows our needs and wants. He cares about the little details of our lives.

The first steps outside and feeling the summer sun on my face...

A husband staying awake with me in the darkest hours of night so that I wouldn't feel alone...

A four year old niece who thought the highlight of her day was to take me on a "walk" (which honestly was all of 20 steps at first, but she made me feel like I had run a marathon!)

Perfectly timed deliveries of summertime treats...coconut snow cones, lemon frosted sugar cookies, homemade peach ice cream, warm bread...and the list goes on...

He knows the desires of my heart. This walk is proof to me. One more Tender Mercy. He is saying "I know your heart, your wants! Here it is, a walk just for YOU one year later! It may have taken some time, and required more patience than you thought possible...but look where you have come!"

I loved that email...and in that instant I was reminded how the Lord knows our needs, and He cares for each of us individually.

The walk was magical.  Amazing.  Just what I needed.

I wish I could describe to you how wonderful it was.

Instead I will share some photos...




When I climbed into bed last night I was so, so grateful for the walking celebration in honor of a Lord of Tender Mercies.  And I was so glad it wasn't over.

I can't wait to experience an entire summer of many mercies!


If you would like to host your own walk sometime this summer click on the link above for all of the information you need!