Emily Belle Freeman



One Week Until the Walk!

UPDATE... It looks like we are going to have plenty of sunshine for the walk!  Which will be nice because last time it snowed!!  Because of that, will you please bring 6 water or gatorade bottles instead of just 4?  That way we will all stay hydrated...

Let the countdown begin...

We are less than 5 days away from the walk!!

Here are the final details you will need if you will be joining us.

Date: June 23, 2012

Place to Meet: LDS Church Parking Lot 4679 W 11000 N Highland, UT  84003

Start Time: 6:45 AM

Approximate End Time: Before noon.

Length: 13.1 Miles

Items you will need to bring: small, inexpensive paper notebook ...or you can bring a journal (see this post for more information) pen

Each walker will also need to bring: 6 water or gatorade bottles 2 granola bars 2 pieces of fruit 1 small bag frozen snickers (per group)

These items will be placed in ice coolers in the Rescue Vehicle and will be handed out at different stops along the way.

IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, PLEASE RSVP UNDER THE CONTACT TAB FOUND IN THE MENU BAR: ...thank you for taking the time to do this ––the cities in which we are walking have asked us for a count of how many will be joining us in Highland, Utah on that day.  If you are planning your own walk, please contact me also...I would love to send you our schedule for the walk and some bracelets for any who will be walking with you.

I will be sending out an email with all of the final walk details.  I will use the email you RSVP with to contact you back.

See you on Saturday!!


Emily Freeman