Emily Belle Freeman



A Type, or an Impression

Genesis 27:42 - Genesis 36:21

Sometimes in the scriptures we find a type, or an impression, of things to come.

A type is used as a symbol or representation of another event.  In the Book of Mormon, Mosiah speaks of things that were "types of things to come." (Mosiah 13:31)

This weekend we are going to begin reading the story of Joseph.

Alfred Edersheim, a Bible Scholar wrote, "We cannot fail to recognize that although Joseph is not personally mentioned in the New Testament as a type of Christ, his history was eminently typical of that of our blessed Saviour, alike in his betrayal, his elevation to highest dignity, and his preserving the life of his people, and in their ultimate recognition of him and repentance of their sin."

As we enter into this weekend and the upcoming week I would like to extend you an invitation.  As you read, try to find examples of how the story of Joseph is a "type" of Christ.  How does it strike an impression of the Savior's story?

Then, if you would like, return to this page and write your findings in the comment section below.  Perhaps you might want to return to this page now and then as we read Joseph's story next week to see what others are discovering.

Alfred Edersheim gave us four types to look for:

his betrayal • his elevation to highest dignity • his preserving the life of his people • his people's recognition of him and their repentance

I wonder what other "types" we might find if we open our eyes to see them?



Emily Freeman