Emily Belle Freeman



Walk in Someone Else's Shoes

I am finding that sometimes what the Spirit prompts us to do feels overwhelming. I don't know if it's true for you, but every time Heaven encourages reaching for the stars and expanding my horizons I feel small and insignificant.  I can't even begin to envision what God holds in store.

And the Lord reminds me of Abraham.

The whispering speaks gently of promised blessings.  I can't see how they will be fulfilled.  So I problem solve with mortal wisdom and try to put in place what only God's orchestration can bring to pass.  In moments of frustration I realize that it is I who am frustrating God's purpose.  So I move out of the way.

And the Lord reminds me of Jacob.

Again I find myself moving forward, wrapped up in the potential and carried by the dream, until I find myself swallowed up, off course, and even stuck in a situation I hadn't anticipated.  I wonder if God has forgotten His promise.  If the Heaven-sent promptings might have been something I conjured up on my own.

And the Lord reminds me of Joseph.

Days pass by.  Although I see His hand and recognize His miracles all around me, sometimes I don't feel equal to the task.  I think there is probably someone else who is more qualified.

And the Lord reminds me of Moses.

The Spirit whispers gentle reminders that through the Lord I can be magnified.  That He will do wonders in my life.  I ask how.

And the Lord reminds me of Joshua.

Promptings come that I must prepare my heart and cease not to cry unto God.  I wonder how I will overcome the great obstacles.  My heart cries out to God, where is my eben-ezer?  I long to find my stone of help.

And the Lord reminds me of Samuel.

When I am not enough.

He reminds me of the widow of Zerephath.

When my faith is gone.

He reminds me of Naaman.

When others combine to frustrate my purpose.

He reminds me of Nehemiah.

When I walk into a situation that has the potential to destroy me.

He reminds me of Esther.

When tribulation surrounds.

He reminds me of Job.

When I am not content with the waiting for the promise.

He reminds me of Jeremiah.

It is not a coincidence that He filled His scriptures with people who heard the whispering and then walked in faith.  People who received strength, offered up, moved with fear, suffered affliction, passed through, subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight… (Hebrews 11)

It is this cloud of witnesses that strengthens us.

Their stories are meant to help us move forward in moments that would otherwise destroy us.

We just have to walk in their shoes.

Where are you in this journey?

As you consider what the Spirit is prompting you to do how does it make you feel?

Scared?  Frustrated?  Overwhelmed?  Stuck?  Waiting?  Unequal?

Choose a hero from the scriptures.

Immerse yourself in their story.

Walk in their shoes.

The Lord will remind you of the lesson you need to know to continue moving forward.

Turn to His word and let Him lead you along.



Emily Freeman