Emily Belle Freeman



Warmth, Comfort, Safety

It is cold today. I woke to the sound of wind hurling itself at my house.  Banging at the windows, whistling through the eaves, and bringing with it a chill.

I rolled over and pulled the covers tight ––soft down pulled up close around my chin––and I breathed deep.

It is the comfort of my bed that makes me love these mornings.  The feather bed underneath, the down quilt over top.  Warmth, and comfort, and safety.

This afternoon I paused to check on the world.

All is not well.

I sense the hurling, the banging against, the whistling through.  I feel the chill of foreboding.

When I had read all I could bear I pulled out my scriptures.  Surely the Lord has advice for days such as these.  As I read I looked for His counsel.  Surrounded by His words I breathed deep.  There is warmth there.  And comfort.  And safety.

The weekend awaits.

I long for it.

For His word to help us find strength through.

Because some days are dark.  Some storms bring with them the furious wind that stirs up doubt inside.  There are days when we find ourselves approaching the Lord soaking wet and windblown.

Longing for comfort.  For warmth.  For relief.

His word can be found through revelation. His word can be found through inspiration. His word can be found in the pages of scripture. His word can be found in the witness of prophets.

This weekend we will have a chance to experience all of those things.

Cozy up.

Breathe deep.

It's finally time.

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First Session Begins on Saturday at 10:00AM MDT