Emily Belle Freeman



This Thing is too Heavy for You.

Sometimes you wake up and it all feels wrong. You stand at the window and the dark clouds surround and the rain drizzles and the trees and flowers hang low from the weight of it all.

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The thoughts in your head echo the thoughts that surely others must be thinking, even if they don't say the words out loud.  What are you doing?

And the world circles 'round crazy and life moves at it's never stopping pace and you sit by yourself, alone.

In moments like these you need a new perspective.

But there aren't a lot of souls who are brave enough to enter in and tell you the words you need to hear.

What you are doing is not good.  You are going to wear away from the weight of it.  This thing is too heavy for you.  You can't do this alone.

Where are those brave souls when you need them to make war with your heart?

And, I guess it's worth asking… would you be willing to hear them if they did?

What if that same person told you that God would be with you… That they would be willing to bear the burden with you… That you could do this thing… That you would be able to endure… That peace, real peace, the kind that keeps the doubt from chasing, haunting, enveloping, would come.

Dark days come.  Sometimes in the heat of the moment we do things, say things, we wish we never had.  Regret.  It has the power to disable us.  To stop us in our tracks.  To send us back to places we thought we had walked away from for good.  And fear.  It has the power to paralyze us.  To doubt our ability to move forward.  To force us back into comfortable places that don't allow God to grow in us.

Yes.  I know.

And this path you are on…you are not the only one who has walked it.  Others have been where you are.  Those brave souls who want to battle with your doubting heart ––why do you think they want to do that?

Because they have been in the exact place where you are.

They have walked that road.  Experienced that regret.  Felt that doubt.  Lived with the days that feel wrong.  What do they have to offer you?

Could it be that they have experienced His Grace?  That they have been through dark days that led them to grasp onto His enabling power.  The power that allows change.  Gethsemane and Calvary? Those are real places.  And what He did for us there…that really happened.

That is where their courage comes from.

And their perspective.

Their strength comes from His grace.

Moses woke up to a dark day like that.  It was Jethro who came brave asking the hard questions, "What is this thing that you doest?  Why sittest thou thyself alone?  The thing that thou doest is not good.  Thou wilt surely wear away…for this thing is too heavy for thee; thou art not able to perform it thyself alone.  Hearken now unto my voice, I will give thee counsel…God shall be with thee…able men…shall bear the burden with thee…thou shalt be able to endure."  Exodus 18:14-23

"So Moses hearkened to the voice of his father in law, (Jethro) and did all that he had said."  Exodus 18:24

Maybe you're in a dark place.

Perhaps the weight of it all lies heavy on your heart.

Here is what I am wondering.  Who is your Jethro?

Who do you know that is not afraid to battle with your heart?  To help you gain a different perspective?  Willing to bear the burden with you.  To walk the path. To lead you to a source of strength beyond your own?

Because here is what I know for sure…

God is with you.

And the person who is your Jethro, they will be willing to bear this burden with you.

You can do this thing.

Go find your Jethro.  The one brave enough to make war with your heart.

Let them in.

Then peace will come.

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Emily Freeman