Emily Belle Freeman



What I've Been Missing

For those of you who don't live in Utah, I wish there was some way to describe the way the last few weeks have been. The inversion.  The fog.  The snow that never stops falling.

Yesterday our weather man suggested some of us might be suffering from snow fatigue.  (Those of you who read yesterday's post know that Brother Butler is not!)


Oh sure, there have been glimpses of happy moments...like when I laughed so hard yesterday because my neighbor came out for the FOURTH time to shovel the walks, and this morning when I had a cup of hot cocoa, and two days ago when Meg got all dressed up in her snow clothes to go play outside.  (That doesn't usually happen when you are 16...that's how remarkable the snow fall was here...you just had to go out and experience it.)

At 11:00 this morning I realized that it wasn't snow fatigue that I was feeling at all, in reality I was just missing the sun.

I haven't seen it for a really long time.


It came out today, for just a second, peeking through the clouds.  I walked out my front door and felt the warmth of it...and that is when I knew.

It wasn't that I needed to see the sun, what I really needed to do was to feel it.

The warmth, soft and gentle, spreading across my body.

It felt like it was filling a place in my soul that was empty.

And I looked up and saw this...and I felt hope.

Spring wasn't far...it was coming...I could see it there.

And I was reminded of the Savior ––the Son.

Sometimes we go through periods of life where our view of Him becomes obscured.  Sure, we know He is there, but stuff gets in the way.  Life Clouds our vision, fogs up our perspective, and even makes things appear hazy.

It never fails, Heaven provides opportunities for us to see Him... an answered prayer, a tender mercy, a scripture or lesson or quote meant just for that moment.

But do we take the opportunity to feel Him there?

When was the last time you felt the Son in your life?

His warmth, soft and gentle, filling a place in your soul that was empty?

He has promised, "I will come to you."  (John 14:18)  ...and there is hope.

I find myself reflecting back on recent moments when I have felt Him there.

...on a noon day walk, listening to a favorite hymn, in a conversation of hope with a friend, reading holy words on gilded pages, holding a newborn, walking into the Chapel, receiving a Priesthood blessing, dropping off an unexpected gift, giving the sacrifice of time, sharing my testimony, expressing love...

This weekend I want to do more than just see the Son, I want to feel Him there.

Living Deliberately:

Set aside some time for an experience that will allow you to feel the Son in your life this weekend.  Serve someone unexpectedly.  Listen to songs that testify of Him.  Spend a little more time in your scriptures.  Soak in the warmth...let it fill your soul.