Emily Belle Freeman



What Would I Have to Do?

Come, Follow Me

The other day Grace sent me this text.

It's the pig she wants, not the dog.

She has talked about it nonstop for weeks.  And she was serious about the text...she would do anything to get a pig for a pet.  I didn't reply, because honestly there really isn't anything she can do to get that.

We are not having a pig for a pet.

We have a rabbit.  And a lizard.  And we are thinking about raising chickens.

But no pigs.

I have laughed about that text almost every day this week.  I loved her enthusiasm, "What would I have to do to get this..."

I really think she would do just about anything if it meant she could get a pet pig.

I wondered to myself when was the last time I wanted something so badly that I was willing to do anything to obtain it.

When was the last time you wanted something and had that kind of desire to obtain it?

As I pondered that I asked myself some hard questions...

Do I want to experience an increase of  the Spirit?  What would I have to do to have it?

Do I want an increased testimony of the Book of Mormon?  What would I have to do to get that?

Do I want a closer relationship with the Savior?  What would I have to do to get that?

Am i willing to do anything to obtain those desires?

My thought process led me to think about a young 14-year-old boy who wanted an answer.  Did he ask himself what would I have to do to get this?

I think of him walking into the grove, the place he had previously designed to go, in order to obtain that which he desperately sought.

An answer.


A testimony.

His desperation to find an answer led to the greatest blessing of our dispensation...the end of the Apostasy.  Because he was willing to ask.

There are questions I have in my life right now.  Answers that I am in desperate need of.  Perhaps it is time for me to enter the grove.  To prepare my heart to receive.  To obtain that which I seek.

What will I have to do?

"If any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God..."  (James 1:5)

Deliberate Discipleship:

What is it that you desire most right now?  What would you have to do to obtain it?  Could turning to the Lord help?  Sometimes when I want to learn more about communicating with God I read the account of the First Vision.  Perhaps we might find an opportunity to read it today...look for lessons you might have missed before.