Emily Belle Freeman



When Heaven Meets the Earth

Luke 7:1 - Luke 9:46

Sometimes there are moments when the earth meets the sky, and it seems as if  all that separates the two is a line so thin you have to look carefully to see it there.

In those moments I am reminded that every so often Heaven reaches down to touch the earth, and that it is within those small glimpses we see His hand.




It happened on Thursday.  The prayers for a good day.  The careful orchestration.  The trusting.

Heaven reaching down to touch the earth.

For several hours time stood still, and I captured the memory in a photograph.

Perhaps it was because of the experiences of that day that my eyes were opened while I read this weekend.  Over and over again I saw it there in the reading...the miracles in the ordinary moments...Heaven reaching down.

It was there in the story of Zacharias, who was righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances, blameless.  It was in that moment, while he performed his duties "in the order of his course," that the angel appeared.  (Luke 1)

I love that Zacharias was in the order of his course, he was where he was supposed to be when he was supposed to be there, and that is where the angel found him.

Zacharias reaching up in prayer, Heaven reaching down with promise.

That is the way of miracles.

I saw it there again by the lake of Gennesaret.  Two ships, standing by the lake...the Lord asking to make use of one of them.  The lending.

Of time.  Of all that he had been blessed with.  In answer to the Lord.

Simon giving up, Heaven about to reach down.

It was after the borrowing, the lending, the sacrifice.  After the toiling all night, after taking nothing.

In the nevertheless moment after the giving up Simon allowed his heart to trust,  and Heaven reached down with promise.

"Nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net."  A blessing so great the net brake, and the boat began to sink. (Luke 5:5-6)

That is the way of miracles.

Today I consider what I have learned.

Because I know what it is to walk in ordinances and commandments, to perform my duties in the order of my course.  I know what it is to toil all night.  To take nothing.  I know what it is to lend, to sacrifice, to give.

I know what it is to yearn for the miracle.  The one you have prayed over for years.  I know the waiting.

I have lived a life filled with waiting.

But I have also lived a life filled with nevertheless moments.

The moments when we can't imagine things will work out positive in our behalf, nevertheless, at His word we lower the net and wait for the blessing.

Those are the moments I hold on to.

So for now I will walk in the commandments, and follow the order of my course.  I will toil all night, and then lend, and sacrifice, and give.

And I will wait for the quiet whisper of the Lord, "Let down your nets for a draught."

Then Heaven will meet the Earth.

And blessings will flow.

That is the way of miracles.


Emily Freeman