Emily Belle Freeman



With Great Expectation

I made breakfast today for a good friend. Egg sandwiches.  Bacon.  Smoothies.


Oh, that every day could start that way…right?

In the midst of the making we talked.  This friend is good at conversation.  A deep thinker.  With ideas that are bold, creative, and wise.

You probably wish you could have come to breakfast.  For the conversation …and because this friend makes the best egg sandwiches you've ever seen.

My friend is not just good at frying eggs.  This friend is good at building.  Creating.  Envisioning things my mind wouldn't even imagine until they are drawn out there on the paper.

I watch and see the gifts that can come from a creative mind, especially when they are backed by a bold heart and it fills up my soul with wonder ––anticipating the great things that God holds in store for this builder who I ate breakfast with today.

We talked about waking up.  Sometimes it's hard.  Especially if you don't have anything to look forward to.  Something to anticipate.  A reason.

The hardest mornings are the mornings when it feels like everything is going wrong.  The sky is falling.  Someone knocked down all your blocks.


Seriously…who wants to wake up on those days?

Because it's hard to put that first block into place.  And really, the finished project so far from complete seems daunting.  And the work it's going to take to get there feels overwhelming.

Unless you are a builder.  A creator.

Because then putting those blocks in place becomes the passion of your life.  And imagining the finished project becomes the motivation for your waking moments.  And you become someone who can envision things that others haven't even thought to dream.

And then…

waking up is no longer an issue.

Not for a builder.

Not for a creator.

Maybe this is you right now.  If so…perhaps you wonder how you might begin to envision the finished project so you can start to build.

The Spirit will tell you how.

All you have to do is let it fill up your heart and your mind and your whole being until you experience creativity and insight and direction in a way you never have before.

Maybe you are wondering how to fill up your whole heart and your mind and your soul with the Spirit.

Turn to the scriptures.  The Spirit will come.

Expect it.  And then you can start to build.

In the past three days I have come to love the word expect.  I have spent a lot of time studying it and thinking about it.

Screenshot 2014-02-26 10.36.14

Expect.  Believe.  Imagine.  Anticipate.  Look for.  Hope for.  Look forward to.  Envision.

A reason to wake up every morning.  Filled with the Spirit.  With great expectation.

And you will build.

And you will create.

Simply because that is the person you are.




Emily Freeman