Emily Belle Freeman



Yellow Cake

Something you might not know about me is that I have crazy dreams. Really.  Crazy.

I am one of those people that dreams vividly.  And I remember every detail.

The other night I had a funny dream.

I dreamed President Eyring called.  Yep.  I really did.

I looked on my caller ID and it said Eyring.  Funny how in your dreams it seems normal as pie that President Eyring would call you up one afternoon out of the blue.

So I answered the phone.

In my dream President Eyring said, "I am calling to let you know that mother made you a yellow cake out of brown rice and I am bringing it down.  Just wanted to make sure someone would be there."

That was interesting, because I eat gluten free and wouldn't have been able to eat a yellow cake...but apparently he knew that...hence the brown rice.

On the other hand, who was mother?  Because if it was his wife then that didn't make sense...obviously she is not my mother.

Don't be sad that my mind is really active in my dreams.  I was super worried about explaining to President Eyring that he had the wrong number.  But he hung up before I could tell him.  So I worried about it for a minute (yes, still in the dream) and then I figured it would be OK, because whoever was supposed to get the cake would.  He was bringing it down.  It would all get figured out in the end.

The next morning when I woke up I got a good laugh out of the yellow cake made of brown rice.  In fact, I told one of my friends about the dream.

She said, "Wait!  What if President Eyring really has a gift for you in the form of a message?"

So I spent yesterday reading some of his talks.  They were really good.  I love President Eyring.  But none of them had a message that jumped right out at me.

It wasn't until this morning that something clicked.

In almost two weeks it will be General Conference.

President Eyring will be there...and so will many other General Authorities.  And all of them are busy preparing.  They might not be baking yellow cakes out of brown rice, but they are preparing a message specifically suited for our condition, whatever that may be.

It will bless our lives.

A gift in the form of a message.

I can't wait!

I have decided to start preparing myself.  I want to be in tune.  I want to qualify for the Spirit to be with me.  I want to be ready to listen.  I want to consciously prepare so that my heart will be open.

To receive the gift.

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