Emily Belle Freeman



Your Mission

His work. I have been thinking about it all week now.

The hastening.

His timing.

There is an energy that surges through my soul in the moments that I focus on it.

He knows exactly what He is doing.  But do I?

There is work to be done.  The work that requires labor, burning the candle on both ends, giving up all.

Sanctifying, and purifying, and cleansing.

Prayer and fasting.

The actions that lead to moments of true learning through His Spirit.


So that we will be prepared.

Because He will call us.  He will send us.  There is a mission He has in store for each one of us.

His hastening.

His timing.

His call.

His mission.

Have you discovered what He has in mind for you?  The mission that you have been prepared for?

Have you heard the call?

We must remember that sometimes calls don't come by telephone.  And most missions don't come in a white envelope on a Wednesday in the mail.

They come from the Lord.

Through invitation.

Through the Spirit.

This book?

It's all about listening to those invitations.  Discovering your potential in His eyes.

We thought you might like a sneak peak into what's inside, so every day for the next two weeks we will post some of our favorite quotes.

We hope you love them.

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Emily Freeman