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Don't Miss This - Newsletter 1

Don’t Miss This Newsletter #1


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Don’t Miss This - Newsletter #1
Matthew 1, Luke 1, Come Follow Me Lesson 2


A Note from Emily & David:

Welcome to you all... and Happy New Years folks!  We made it to 2019.

By now, you will probably have taught your first lesson on being responsible for your own learning. The Don’t Miss This series will actually start with Week 2 in the lesson manual, which is the first week you will be in the scriptures. Each prep email will arrive to your inbox a full week before you will teach your family. The schedule will look like this:

  1. Your prep email arrives Dec. 31

  2. Teach your family lesson on Jan. 6

  3. Be prepared for your Sunday discussion Jan. 13

We are thrilled to have you along on this journey to follow Christ through a study of the New Testament.  The first four books of the New Testament, what we call “The Gospels”, are essentially a biography of Jesus’ earthly ministry through the eyes of four of His disciples — Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  That is where we are starting this week.

Before we jump into Matthew 1 and Luke 1, let’s settle a fear, concern, or worry that may be lingering out there.  We have had lots of conversations with y’all about feeling overwhelmed, inadequate or nervous about this new home centered, church supported curriculum.  Do you ever wonder if that is exactly how Mary felt when the angel first showed up in her courtyard? Overwhelmed, inadequate, nervous. Isn’t it fitting that we begin our study with that story?  A story that starts with the angelic request, “Fear Not... for with God, nothing shall be impossible.”  

We don’t only think this is home centered learning is possible, but we believe this will be something you will look forward to every week. There is no wrong way to do this.  God is going to magnify the abilities and ideas you have with the circumstances you are in. Do what you can do and it will be perfect. Let’s not compare with each other, but plan on helping each other.  Let’s keep it simple and meaningful. We hope we will be able to help out with this and we will be relying on you for your ideas too! This program is home centered, but it is also church supported. And we — you and I — are the church.  In this community you will find support, ideas, and a group of people shouting out encouragement to one another.

Best Wishes for your first week,

David and Emily


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The Study Sheet and Other Stuff You Need:

David will be creating a STUDY SHEET every week. You will want to download this sheet to begin taking notes about what you are learning. There are two ways to use the sheet:

  1. Shrink it down and glue it into the binding of your scriptures

  2. Glue it into your study journal

Click here to download the study sheet.

Since this is our first week of teaching, we thought we would suggest a few things we are using that you MIGHT want to use.

  1. A Bible.  Some are using their regular scriptures and some are buying a new, inexpensive book for this study.  Up to you!

  2. Come Follow Me--the suggestions in the church produced curriculum are priceless.  We will be pointing out ideas from it, but we want to leave plenty of room for you to receive you own inspiration of how it will bless your family as well.  Dive in!

  3. A Bible Commentary.  You don’t have to use a Bible commentary, but we do, and love it.  There are historical insights, prophetic quotes, and interesting facts and questions in them that can enhance your study.  One that we like is “The New Testament Study Guide: Start to Finish” by Thomas Valetta.  You can find it here or here.

  4. A study journal.  This can be used in your personal study each week.  It can also be used as a way to do activities during your family study time.  You might glue in your study sheet we provide each week or use it as an place to record insights.  We love writing things down as we study and thought you might too.

  5. Bible Journaling Pages. If you are looking for a tool to help you with visual learning, this might be just what you are searching for! We have partnered with Rhonna Designs to create a unique journaling page for every week. See the note below from Rhonna in this newsletter to learn more about downloading these journaling pages.


Study Tips for Kids

We got this idea from Come Follow Me, under Luke 1:37.  One of the points we want to point out this week is the line from the angel Gabriel to Mary--”For with God, nothing shall be impossible.”  

Mary wondered how she would be able to do what God was asking her to do, and this was the angels reply. As evidence, the angel tells Mary that her cousin, Elizabeth, who was old and couldn’t have kids, was six months pregnant.  


It wasn’t coincidence that he used another story to prove to Mary that the same God of impossibilities was calling her as well.  

  • You might consider obtaining a copy of the Gospel Art Library and letting the kids flip through it to find other times in the scriptures when God did impossible things. (You can buy one from Distribution or it is also on the Gospel Library app)  

  • Your kids can also brainstorm scripture stories they remember (if they are a little older). You could emphasize that the same God who helped Moses, Daniel, Esther, and Mary is our God today. He is still a God who can do anything, anytime, anywhere.  The God of Impossibilities.


Study Tips for Teens

Here is how we are modifying the above activity for tweens and teens.  

They probably don’t need to flip through pictures, but hey, maybe they want to! 

Teens are old enough to brainstorm scripture stories when God has done impossible things.  

You might want to have them write down some of the miracles they are looking for and hoping for in their life currently.  

Share Elder Holland’s quote from “Come Follow Me” in connection --helping them understand that the miracles don’t always come when we want them to.  Sometimes they don’t come until heaven. And sometimes they come in different ways than we expected. But, no matter when the blessing comes we must remember that God is good.  He knows exactly what He is doing and why He is doing it. We might not know how and what He is doing, but we will always know the why--LOVE.

Believing in the power of God’s love and trusting Him leads us to discover the possible in the midst of impossibilities.


Study Tips for Individuals and Couples

These two chapters are filled with impossibilities:  A virgin who conceived, a barren woman who is finally blessed with a child, a genealogy of grandmothers who don’t seem to fit in the ancestry of the Messiah.  Each story becomes a witness that nothing is impossible with the Lord. As you study through each of the questions in Come Follow Me this week, consider making a list of these three things:

  • The need

  • Why it is an impossibility

  • The process each person went through before they experienced the miracle (i.e. praying, waiting, believing…)

Then, consider your own circumstances.  What is your need? What part of that need feels impossible?  What is one part of the process you learned from these stories that might help in your own situation?

A Note on How to Print the Fun Images for Bible Journaling from Rhonna:

  1. You will need the #RhonnaDesigns app. (Android or iOS). Open the app by tapping on the bottom left icon. Tap “backgrounds 1” & select plain white background. At the bottom of the screen scroll over to find 8.5x11” or 17:22 aspect ratio. Tap top right check to crop.

  2. Tap the “Starburst” icon to open the Design Store. On the left you will see all the artists. Tap on Rhonna Farrer & you will see FREE BIBLE JOURNALING design pack. Tap on pack to select & load into your Designs.

  3. Select “printables” in pack & look on the bottom bar for all the designs. Select one & resize to fit canvas by stretching the bottom right dot. Tap DONE at top. Tap 3 lines on top right to “share” & save at highest resolution for best print quality.

  4. TO PRINT FROM DEVICE: Tap on “print” & your wireless printer will be recognized as you have it set up.

    TO PRINT FROM DESKTOP: Select “Dropbox”, “Mail” or “cloud” to save it so you can get it from your desktop to open .jpg file & print.

IDEAS: print on clear or matte sticker paper or other really high quality paper for best results.



  • if it's cutting off or printing at a size you didn't want- it usually means you need to select something on your printer to "fit" or "scale" onto page. Since all printers are different there's no way we can help everyone. I'd suggest calling your printer support line & have them help you understand your printer settings.

  • You will find  a video step by step tutorial on @rhonnafarrer Instastories under “Bible Journaling” to help visualize these steps.

  • We can’t wait to see what you create!

From the community:

On Christmas, our missionary suggested we find a way to implement Come Follow Me in our family.  Since we are not all at home we decided to have a dedicated family email each week just for our studies.  This will help!

- Becky Adams

I used an updated online Gospel Doctrine book to read Matthew.  There is so much there. I know reading is important, and adding prayer and what our prophets say about the verses and cross referencing during personal study time brings out so much more.  

- Susan Lazenby